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Read what people say about our programmes...


Cancer Wellness Retreats
  • I believe the programme was priceless in terms of the knowledge gained.

  • It was beyond my expectations. I have found this experience life changing and wouldn't hesitate recommending it.

  • I enjoyed every aspect of the programme, the depth of knowledge gained, the inspiration shown, the care & kindness & love shown.

  • The facilitators were superb, the balance between classes and relaxation/meditation was very good.

  • The facilitators were outstanding, clearly very wise bringing significant knowledge to this course.

  • The facilitators were empathetic, genuine and non-judgmental, they also brought laughter and lots of smiles.

  • What an enlightening experience. So inspiring/educational/spiritually uplifting/reassuring and filled with aroha (love). To be on this big C journey and have access to a retreat like this in this peaceful environment was just a blessing.

  • I'm sure intuition led me here, something I will trust and honour into the future. What an amazing experience, discovering the true meaning of connection, gaining valuable information to enable more intuitive navigation of the unknow path that lies ahead.

  • So many moments of profound insight and learning and precious memories made. The safe space allows for the creation of a truely special atmosphere, where people can be themselves. Whilst I don't want to leave, I am looking forward to putting some changes into practise. I am so grateful to the Aratika Trust and its supporters for making this opportunity available.

  • The Aratika Trust retreat has been of the highest quality one could ever experience. I am deeply grateful to have had this opportunity to learn from excellent facilitators from both the Quest for life and the Aratika Trustees. Your support is immensely valued as I come to terms with having had a breast cancer diagnosis 8mths ago. Having this retreat to look forward to since finishing my medical treatments has been very helpful. The people I have met and got to know during this retreat has also been a huge help in my journey. Tauhara has been a top quality venue. The food is 'just right for me; and has feed my heart and soul. Aroha nui atu.

  • Retreats such as these need to become part of the mainstream- a truly "patient' centred approach that todays' medical system has forgotten.  Re Aratika Trust: This retreat has been a wonderful experience. It is one of the few mechanisms to help a person diagnosed with cancer navigate their new life. They are absolutely necessary and should be supported in every way possible. Get this info into EVERY hospital waiting room!!


Nutrition Workshops
  • I expected to enjoy the programme, but was wowed by your enthusiasm, passion and generosity, thanks.

  • The whole content was very helpful, I didn't realise healthy food can be prepared so easily.

  • It has inspired me to make changes to my diet.

  • It was a good balance between explantion and practical demonstrations.

  • The course was definately good value for money.

Mindfulness Meditation 5 wk courses
  • Very surprised how different I feel now compared to the beginning.

  • Tutors voice really good, relaxing. I want to carry on & do retreats. 

  • Definitely calmer every day, less overwhelmed.

  • Astounded of the health benefits & the way it has helped me be more present especially with my children.

  • Enabled me to focus & develop my own personal meditation style & practice.

  • My patience is so much better, I tend now not to let things bother me too much.

  • Feel calmer, now I understand what mindfulness means!

  • I love feeling more present and connected.

  • After years of trying to 'self teach' meditation I was pleasantly surprised to have come so far in only 5 weeks. Thanks.

  • After a couple of sessions it felt normal to practise meditating - wouldn't have got that from a book.

  • I wanted to let you know what a huge help the retreat and the skills I learnt in meditation have been to me, in fact in many aspects of my day.

Creative Art Workshops
  • Barbara's workshops are always so much fun. She really know how to inspire. And oh, what a great craft cupboard! Thanks for the great day!

  • Barbara's art workshops are always such great value. She is so good at bringing out the creativity in all participants.

  • I attended one of Barbara's wonderful workshops. Not only did I enjoy the actual painting, but also the support and togetherness from Barabara, Wendy and the other ladies attending. It was spot on for me! I left feeling so much better and more supported...plus I had my masterpieces! It was a fun experience, thankyou so much.

  • Not only did i enjoy the actual painting, but also the support and togetherness from Barbara, Wendy and the other ladies attending. It was just spot on for me! I left feeling so much better and more supported.....plus i had my masterpieces! It was a fun experience. Thankyou so much.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed my day and was thrilled with the pieces I came away with.

  • I am a believer in the power of visualisation to stimulate the immune system and possibly more healing.  It is not easy for me to

    target visualisation as I would wish, so the work produced at these free-wheeling sessions with novel media is very helpful in

    achieving this. 

  • The sessions stimulate a camaraderie that could not be found in simple chat meetings.