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Workshops - 

Based in Rotorua, Aratika Cancer Trust provides workshops open to anyone and Wellness Retreats for people affected by cancer. See the list below of what we offer. Each term we try and offer something different in the way of workshops and we run 2 Wellness Retreats per year, usually one in Spring and one at the end of summer.  

Mindfulness base Stillness Meditation


Meditation is a potent practice for stress release, healing and clarity of mind. With a long spiritual lineage both in the East and West, it is now also recognised to create changes in the body and brain which foster a healing environment. Aratika Cancer Trust tends to teach a Mindfulness based form of meditation, similar to one taught at the Gawler Foundation.

Nutriton Workshops

'Let Food be your medicine, and medicine be your food' Hippocrates. Throughout our human history food has been used for health and healing. Aratika aims to educate participants on the healing power of foods particularly as applied to cancer, through a mix of evidence based theory and practical demonstrations. These workshops are usually facilitated by Aleisha Wyllie and Dr Britta Noske. 

Imagery and Meditation for Healing

This workshop is been offered in response to those who asked for more, after attending our other meditation and healing workshops. Practise and deepen the meditation experience in the context of healing body, mind and spirit. Many of these elements are taught in The Gawler Cancer Foundation 'Life and Living' program.

Art for the Mind Body and Soul

Aratika Trust believes that art and music are great mediums for fostering relaxation, wellness and healing. Art making adventures are a fun and awesome way to spend time with others, as well as an opportunity to create beautiful artworks that add colour, vibrancy and magic to your garden or home.