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Funding Support



We are immensely grateful and rely on the funding from these Trust's & Charities to be able to provide our programmes and  retreats to support people on their cancer journey


Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust


The Rotorua Charitable Trust was established on 3 June 1994. It was created so that some of the funds resulting from the corporatisation of the Rotorua Electricity Company could be retained and used for the benefit of Rotorua and surrounding districts. Aratika receive great support from RECT for running their programmes and Retreats.

Bay Trust


The Bay Trust was formed in 1988 as the Trust Bank Bay of Plenty Community Trust to hold shares in the Trust Bank Group for the benfit of Bay of Plenty Communities. Since the sale of the shares in 1996 to Westpac Bank The Trustees aim to re-invest enough income each year to cover inflation and population growth in the Bay of Plenty. The Bay Trust primarily make grants to community groups serving the Bay of Plenty, in order to help build, strengthen and enhance present and future BOP communities.

Southern Trust


We are proud that in the first ten years of its existence, the Southern Trust has distributed more than $162m to a diverse number of organizations in communities throughout New Zealand. We believe that in each and every one of the donations awarded, a real difference in the quality of life of the New Zealand community has been made. It is the philosophy of the Trust to ensure that we demonstrate a broad approach to funding our communities. We provide funding to amateur sport, education, community purposes, welfare organizations and arts and culture.

Community Lotteries


Lottery Community funding is available for projects, activities, resources or services that have a community or social service focus, and which help connect communities, improve well-being and the quality of people’s lives. Lottery Community’s mission is to enhance the well-being of New Zealanders and their communities. Lottery Community recognises the aspirations and needs of Māori, and their protocols. Lotteries support Aratika operationally and our programmes. We are grateful for their funding.



The Community Organisation Grants Scheme is a community-driven fund that provides grants to non-profit community organisations that deliver community-based social services.

An outcomes approach has been introduced to focus grant decision-making on the community outcomes or benefits that will be achieved through the grants that are made. There are thirty-seven Local Distribution Committees (LDCs) operating throughout New Zealand.

Rotorua Sunrise Rotary Club


An enthusiastic collection of bright young things who work together and with a large number of local and national organisations and charities with the sole aim of making Rotorua and the rest of the world a better place to live. Very often the 'silent' helping hands behind a calendar of high profile events, members donate their time and expertise to raising funds, being extra pairs of hands, coordinating events, contributing to educational and self development events and generally being great people. We have received funding for our Meditation Weekends and office equipment from this amazing local Rotaty club.

Rotorua Lakes Council Community Grants


Council manages central Government funding for arts and recreation organisations through Creative Communities and other grants programmes The focus of the Fund is to provide community assistance for the ‘not for profit’ sector in order to create a strong social base and meet local needs. 

Rotorua Lakes Council Creative Community Grant

Creative Communities Rotorua is a partnership between Creative New Zealand and Rotorua Lakes Council. The scheme’s main focus is to stimulate and provide support to arts and culture projects which:

- Broaden community involvement, support the diversity and cultural traditions of local communities, enriching and promoting their uniqueness and cultural diversity and enable and encourage young people (less than 18 yrs.) to engage with and actively participate in the arts.

We have been lucky enough to have donations from this fund to enable us to run Art & Craft Workshops for people affected with cancer.


Infinity Foundation

Thanks to this Foundation we can subsidize our Retreat fee to participants down to an affordable level. Each attendee actually pays about half the real price, due to the generous donation from the Infinity Foundation. We couldn't run our Cancer Wellness Retreats without their support. Thank you Infinity.

NZ Community Trust

NZCT support many Not- for-Profits and we are so lucky to have them provide funding towards accommodation costs at Lakes Lodge for our Wellness Retreat. This funding enables us to keep our prices down whilst still running a professional programme.