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Checking in on your meditation practise

March 29, 2017


To all those who have learn't to meditate with us on a workshop or retreat.....some thoughts...


....You will all be at different stages with your meditation. For some it will have become a cemented part of your day, for some an occasional offering and some of you will have stopped altogether.

I hope you continue to find time each day to quietly be with yourself, either through formal sitting or catching multiple small moments of mindfulness as you go through your days.


As with anything new, it takes time to develop habits around this, so discipline is highly recommended regardless of whether you ‘feel like it’ are ‘bored by it’ or ‘get annoyed with it’. All those reactions come from the thinking mind, and the best strategy is to just do it and observe your own mind, smile at it, and maybe see the patterns that run your life.  Trust that millions have walked this path before you, have gained tangible benefits from it, and that something quite remarkable will unfold over time.


If questions arise, do feel free to email me, and I will do my best to answer them or steer you into a direction of enquiry. I don’t regard myself an expert, I too am on an ongoing learning trajectory, but I might have read something that will also help you. Sometimes it takes me a bit longer to answer my mail, but don’t give up I will get around to it eventually!

Be well. Britta.

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