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Suggested Websites

Petrea King - Quest for Life

Cancer Society NZ

Te Aho o Te Kahu - Cancer Control Agency

Always in Your Corner

Ian Gawler - Gawler Foundation

Bruce Lipton - Biology of Belief

Cancer Support - Healthpoint NZ

Australian Integrative Medicine Ass - AIMA

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Biology of Belief

Quest  for Life

Reading Resources

Your LIfe Matters                                Petrea King

Up until Now - a memoir                 Petrea King

Quest for Life                                       Petrea King

Spirited Women                                 Petrea King

Radical Remission                            Kelly A Turner, PhD

The Biology of Belief                        Bruce Lipton

Dying to be Me                                   Anita Moorjani

The Genie in Your Genes               Dawson Church, PhD

Love is Letting go of Fear              Gerald Jampolsku, Md

Life, Happiness and Cancer        Phil Kerslake

Meditation an In-depth Guide     Ian Gawler and Paul Bedson

Unbreakable Spirit                           Karen McMillan

Ripple is an app that offers a mobile, 24/7 cancer support service.

Anyone touched by cancer can share their experiences.

New Zealanders helping New Zealanders

Open Textbook in Library

5 Webinar Series from RNZ 2020. Thirty min long empowering interviews of people living with cancer who have attended Aratika Wellbeing Retreats:

Kehukehu Butler, Our Kuamatua, 'My Cancer is my Mokai (Pet)'

Greg Taipari on living with cancer 'Knowledge is Power'

Aratika Cancer Trust 'Empowering People to Live Well'

Claire Taipari on living with cancer 'Own Your Story'

Poihaere Knight living with her 'Rogue Friend Cancer'

My Year of Living Mindfully and The Connection

Films by Australian journalist Shannon Harvey

The latest science in mind body medicine.

Guided Meditations from Cancer Society NZ

Rock Maze