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Aratika Cancer Support Groups


Healing Circles of Support

Generous, deep listening and honest, real sharing.

A safe supportive space to support and cherish one another at a time when we can feel isolated and overwhelmed.

Share your wisdom, compassion and acceptance in a confidential, safe environment. 

Circles are run by
our experienced facilitators .

In-Person and On-Line.
Circle session runs for
60 minutes.

Next series, second half of the year TBA


Share your wisdom.

Aratika Healing Circles are facilitated peer-to-peer cancer support groups.

We recognize that you walk a unique right path, your own aratika, on a cancer journey. 

Personal experience is the best guide for anyone on the challenging pathway of illness and recovery.  Sharing your experience with others is healing.

We hope that this Healing Circle programme will empower you with an experience of participating in collective wisdom. 

The groups are limited in number, but we encourage you to sign up for our waiting list as new groups will be created when we assess there is need. 

Because listening is as important as sharing in a healing circle we ask that you commit to being present for the entire period of the monthly meeting.

Having been diagnosed with Cancer this year has been a journey that has been busy with not much time to contemplate about life and what next.  Yet through this time, I have been acutely aware of what has contributed to my diagnosis of Cancer.


After my treatment, I suddenly felt as though there was no-one out there that I could talk to or who might understand all the conflicting emotions that follow a journey like this one. I searched and found Aratika Trust as a source for that outlet.


My time spent getting to know some of you has been important to me and helped me feel less alone.  Only alone because even though I have support in my life, no one has been through a similar journey. 

- Ingrid S  Online Meditation and Support Group (Nov 2021)

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